THE VA needs to get right with our vets


It is disgusting that  the very people tat laid it all on the line for this nation and it’s people now cannot get the help they need to deal with the wounds they have come home with. I am disgusted by our presidents seemingly inability to understand our veterans must come first! Its that simple and maybe if he actually tried he might find a way to make things right I am disgusted, we have a vet in our town that needs back surgery and he has had to open a go fund me account in hopes of making sure his family can make ends meet while he heals. I get it times under this president are tough and frankly they will get worse if leave -them-behind-Hillary gets elected.I know I am not alone in my line of thinking I see it like a debt has come due and it is time to settle up. however wait times for services long enough to kill people re totally and Completely idiotic andtotally  inexcusable

God Bless America! Obama  needs to take accountability and get our vets  the help they need.


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