Clinton to Trayvon Martin Foundation conference: Trump’s ‘dangerous’ pro-gun policies ‘way out there’

Hillary Clinton wants to shred the second amendment plain and simple I live in an area where every year people hunt to put food on the table. Hillary is not naming what types of guns she would do away with nor is she promising to disarm the secret service pals she has at her side day in and day out. If Hillary is against guns then get rid of your armed body guards learn how people out here live day to day strip yourself of your personal protection if you don’t like guns but stay the hell away from our rights especially the right we have to keep his government in check. that’s what the second amendment  about and exactly why we cannot let anybody take from us even a single right as all f them are sacred.If folks pay attention, they will find that it is always a democrat seeking to take away our gun rights. Even Gabby Giffords who was shot is pro gun for herself but true to democrat form does not want you or I to have the same rights as her.Hillary should never be allowed to attain the white house because she is telling s right now in her campaign our rights do not matter to her. some of you may not own a gun and that is fine but I believe our rights need to be left alone and no career politician should ever be given the chance to take from us even a single right. Not on my watch and that’s a fact


Signing off but never tapping out!


God Bless Ameica!



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  2. I do wonder while Crooked Hillary was with the Travon Martin group if they played the video ~ a very lengthy one at that ~ of Good Olde Hillary talking about Democrat Senator Byrd upon his death

    On how he was Hillary’s mentor that’s right you read correctly “mentor”

    How great of a man Byrd was

    How he will be missed

    Democrat Senator Byrd was the Grand Cyclops of the KKK

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