Hillary Clinton believes your only use is to deliver her the power she craves!

It is true e the people don’t matter to her or her plans as long as she has enough followers to vote her into the white house! look at her record, what has she accomplished in such a long career? she has done so little good ,though she and her husband have made sure they have more money than they will ever need to spend .The word is that Hillary and Bill have cooked the books on the Clinton Foundation and it has made them billionaires!Yes she is rich she owns multiple high dollar homes, she wants for nothing and that’s the point of this post for her becoming president simply satisfies a craving that eats at her day in and day out. She does not want to lead as much as she wants that all powerful title and the ability to start her own personal war against we the people and our constitution. she does not believe you and I have the right to defend our homes, families, and lives. I know this for a fact because she has stated she wants to do away with the second amendment! Hillary believes if you are willing to vote for her then you agree with her plans and would welcome making the people of America sitting ducks for any body to attack any time they felt like it . Gone would be the times when you had the right to protect yourselves and your families.actually a lot of things would change.free speech for one as Hillary is a supporter of political correctness which means all kinds of bullshit is going to get thrown at us for speaking the simple truth and it is important that once she has gotten what she wants you are no longer of any use to her but I contend Hillary Clinton is already of no use to this nation and in reality she long ago wore out her welcome in American politics and the affairs of this nation. she is being investigated for offenses that could land her in jail over national security issues and here is where we have reached the reality that this woman does nothing that is not accompanied by a large helping of lies and scandal!

Votes are all that stand between Hillary and the destruction of the American dream deny her these votes as they would serve no good to this nation!


Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America!




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