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You know, I never believed it would play out this way. Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the “anointed” one. She was supposed to be coroneted Queen of the World. Wasn’t she going to speak in front of Greek Pillars at Citizen’s Bank Park in Philadelphia? I’m sure I read that somewhere. Instead, she continues to battle it out with a seventy-something geezer, who almost raised more money than her for the fourth straight month (he fell just short), is out polling her in a ton of states, and is making it difficult for her just by attacking speaking fees and her vote on the Iraq war.

In the meantime, there was this “joke” of a candidate called Donald Trump, who used to joke about running for president himself for years on the Celebrity Apprentice. Trump wasn’t given a shot in hell to become a serious candidate for the White House, much less the nominee by anybody, including me. And last night in Indiana, Ted Cruz bowed out, leaving Trump as the presumptive nominee. Oh, I know. Marco Rubio and Cruz still control about 800 delegates, and John Kasich still has another 150 or so, but it’s pretty much meaningless at this point. Kasich says he’s going to hang in there until Trump hits 1,237 and it’s official…which it pretty much will be on June 7th. Currently, Trump has 1,047 delegates. There are 520 left to divvy up. And that means he will go over the top at the California Primary on June 7th.

Who would have believed that it would have turned out like this a year ago? Certainly not Hillary. Certainly not Bernie. Certainly not Jeb. Certainly not Marco. Hillary wanted to have this thing wrapped up by Super Tuesday, remember? But it’s because Sanders appealed to young voters in a way the Democrats haven’t seen since…well…maybe George McGovern that has led to him sticking a sword in her side. Oh, there’s no doubt she will be the nominee. But that isn’t the question. How much political capital, now much money, how much pizza will need to be consumed between now and Philadelphia? And how much gas will be in the tank after that when she has to meet up with an energized Donald Trump, who was already going to attack her with a flame thrower?

Hillary Clinton is a very weak candidate to begin with. While Bernie Sanders IS unelectable, he IS the better candidate. Clinton should realize that, but she won’t. She thinks she’s destined to be president, like Bobo Obama was destined to be president. But the looming financial crisis, zero growth in the economy (ok…0.5% in the first quarter), and the fact that the vast majority of Americans think Obama is the worst president in US history, and she wants to continue his policies are going to shoot her down.

Somehow, I don’t think she stands much of a chance, and while I personally am sad I won’t have a week’s worth of interesting programming to watch at the GOP convention in Cleveland this summer, I think it’ll be a fun fall. God knows, it’s been a fun spring!

Carry on world…you’re dismissed!

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