Dear Hillary, Pay Attention reblogged with commentary


Okay this was great, no actually it was straight up awesome! this was a Network Moment remember the line in the movie…I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it ANYMORE!


This is what I have been writing about what we all have been writing about, this is the stuff that needs to be said until somebody Friggin listens! our Nation is or at least has been asleep at the wheel and only the truth delivered like this might actually make a difference. Ozzy  nailed it and it was a pleasure to watch! and I wish this happened more often for if it did this mind set might actually wake some people up!

Signing off but never tapping out!God Bless America!



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  1. I suppose you would find it “great” if you already felt this way to begin with, but I wasted my life watching half of it before she ever made a specific accusation, and then it turned out to be a quote from a boss who fired her in 1974! You can’t just lay out a laundry list of talking points that are only topic titles (beginning at 1:53) and call it evidence! And all the cutesy-wootsy snark like “Clinton diarrhea” lays an egg. The woman doesn’t even know enough to either memorize her prepared screed, or look down at the paper, and then up at the camera before saying her lines. She’s not ready for prime time, in fact not ready for right-wing talk radio in a small town. I’m saying this as a person who deeply dislikes Clinton, though I’ll probably vote for her because Trump’s an unstable, dangerous idiot. If you’re going to go after these people, try logic if you haven’t got facts. Otherwise, the insults only have effect with those living inside the bubble.

    • Mikeyou do not own the corner on the market for those who dislike one or both of the Clintons as an American she represents to me what is wrong in this country and nobody is going to change how I feel she represents lawlessness and a fixed deck as I would not wonder about your motives mine are mine whether or not I made it to the party sooner or later than you

      • Like I said, I don’t like her either. But I still believe in things like facts and evidence. You’ll never take that woman down with innuendo or inept insults. And it doesn’t alter the fact that her opponent in the election is a dangerous, unstable nut.

  2. Whatever you do…don’t stop preachin’ it Brother!

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