What Difference does it make? reblogged from Rifleman III Journal


By Hammerhead

In a nutshell, America’s policy toward “fighting”  Terrorism can be summed up like this.

The United States conducts Drone Strikes and Military Raids all over the globe in which so-called Terrorist “Leadership” are either killed or taken prisoner. In the same moment all of this is happening,KNOWN TERRORIST, men whom we ALREADY HAVE IN CUSTODY; Men who have either killed or planned the murder of innocent Americans, are RELEASED from Prison to go and live FREE in “Other countries”, which we now know to be places like Yemen, Afghanistan and Qatar.

As if this was not enough, our so called “Justice Department” REFUSES TO SEEK THE DEATH PENALTY  for one of the Terrorist Responsible for Planning the 2012 Benghazi Attackin Which Four Americans, including a United States Ambassador, were MURDERED.

A very likely scenario is this murderer, this piece of human garbage, will spend a few…

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  1. What I can never understand is, we are regular people, and we feel these losses, deeply. Those who are in leadship positions, are supposed to love our nation so much more and that is why they are supposed to serve, but, the truth is, they do not love our nation, they only see it as a get rich quick scheme. They have no soul, and do not feel any loss. Alligator tears. They look to put up a front where they are seemingly so good, but they run guns. They run drugs. They must be involved in who knows what (??).

    Over the course of my lifetime, I must have stood at funerals and cemeteries, yes, in types of weather, and honored a few hundred, flag draped caskets. Some were friends, some were relatives. Others I did not know personally. Very somber. Then we have the piece of garbage spewing, “At this point, what difference does it make”. Oh, yes, she went to the hospital and claimed a bump on the head. Now, it’s outright lies. Fools fail to see that. The other imbecile in the White House, who only stages his sympathies with an empty casket. He shows disrespect to those who gave all, and he shows disrespect for the families of some very brave people, who gave their lives for our nation, while the boob, went golfing or a looming crisis causes him to go on vacation.

    I go to the cemeteries now and then. About two weeks from now. When boy scouts place their foot against a white marker and at the tip of their toe, a flag inserted into the ground at the right of the headstone. There will be a veterans’ honor guard at the flag masts, and I make it a point, to get “caught in the rain”, come to attention on honor guard command, and render a salute. But some people, just don’t get it.

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