The sign said”a womans place is in the white house

Well today news breaks as now the state dept Emails From Hillary Clinton’s IT Director at State Department Appear to Be Missing.more possible scandal? Could this be a cover-up? the problem here is it seems even under investigation we cannot stop the continual feed of lies and who knows what because it seems every day something new is taking place. my point is that Hillary has no place in the white house and the people pushing her toward her goal are part of the problem in this country people are not held accountable for their wrongs people get behind a candidate with no concerns over the candidate past or as with Hillary her on going never ending scandal. hell there is now a PAC created just to battle Clinton’s social media Critics. when do we go back to the days where people were held accountable? Or are we now a nation so used to scandal and corruption, that most people are numb to it all?   I don’t know about how you feel about knowing what is in a candidates past and present but to me I believe Americans should be lead through means of honesty and our president should be a man/or woman of integrity. I do not like liars and to be honest I know Obama is not honest and because f his dishonesty our country has suffered.

signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America!


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