Erick Erickson: I guess I’m not a Republican anymore

He will not be missed, at least not by me,this guy is an establishment fat cat and did everything he could to take trump out of the race I take things like a loyalty pledge seriously, Trump agreed to back the eventual nominee even if he did not make it himself, but this Erickson prick knows nothing about loyalty.We Americans,thanks to Trump were treated to a rare bit of honesty as we got to see what backstabbing bastards the GOP establishment is made up of. They don’t like Trump so this jerk and his pals decide to screw you and I and are still at this point in time considering putting a third party candidate in the race knowing that will likely end up putting Hillary in the White House!Paul Ryan has yet to endorse Trump and he is another disloyal member of the GOP however in all fairness this is our own fault, we have allowed the establishment to grow fat and feel entitled to d as they please when in reality they should be doing what we the people want done.Their job is after all to serve we the people. However, we can fix this but it will be like pulling teeth. To start with, we need to demand that our elected officials begin drafting a bill that puts in place term limits on all elected in the house and the senate.I say eight years tops is the longest they can serve and they no longer get paid for a lifetime. They work eight years they get paid for eight years. This would also serve to clean house a bit because when the big pa day dries up so will some of these greedy politicians that only run for office for the money! Many  people may not like Trump but his candidacy has pulled back the blind sand allowed us to see what has been going on behind our backs, and believe me it is the same on the democrats side as well. look the DNC chair says if up  to her she would not allow independents to vote in primaries and whats worse is they are actually running criminal for the presidency…but thats a story that has plenty of legs for another day!

Signing off but never tapping out!


God bless America!


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