Ben Rhodes, The Man Behind The Curtain

Ben Rhodes, a 38-year-old former creative writing major, has emerged as one of President Obama’s closest foreign policy aides in spite of his almost complete lack of any qualifications in international relations, defense, area studies, or any related field. As deputy national security adviser, he travels with the president, sees him all day long, and not only writes his speeches and communications strategies but also shapes the content of policy.As Obama attacks Trump for not being qualified to be president, we find out that a creative writing major is the man shaping our inept foreign policy.As it turns out this guy does   most of the work which consists of speech writing speech writing,policy writing and pretty much everything else that comes out of Obama’s mouth. This is almost a rewrite of the Wizard of OZ But sadly this is no fairy-tale this is real life and the man behind the curtain Mr.Rhodes is writing the story  for which he has no formal experience!Obama is an empty shell and speaks the words this guy writes. Crap, it all makes sense now,our foreign looks like the work of a novice because it is! and yet Obama thinks he is fit to lecture Trump when all along a creative writing major with pretty much zero knowledge of foreign policy or foreign relations. A quote from Ben Rhodes states sometimes I don’t know where I end and Obama Begins. this is what Obama would have us believe is solid leadership, designed to keep America safe. Now we know how badly the wool has been pulled over our eyes as the man behind the curtain crafts more words he is unqualified to write!


Signing off,but never tapping out! God Bless America!


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