OBAMA :This is not a reality show.

A failed, divisive president has very little  to say and truly all he can do is try  poison the well for Trump. I guess we could take Obama a little more serious except for his playing games with the woman eating cereal in the bath-tub Except for his attempts to strip us of our rights and his feeble melding, Obama pretty much treated his first term like a reality show.Selfies at funerals, Beer summits, Al Green shout outs to the 20 k dresses for his daughters and wife to dress like royalty Oh lord don’t get me started. Reality check for Obama people are committing suicide over the Obama economy which is caustic .Obama needs to button his lip because there are a lot of people in America are really bad off and that weight falls directly on his shoulders. So before he starts flapping his gums maybe he should look back at the mess he made of this country  and how his leadership gave harbor to ISIS and the Muslim Brotherhood. Trump needs no lecture from a buffoon who continually failed the people of this great nation. We know Obama for what he has done and what he has not, not once did he ever don the attitude and actions of a true leader.


Signing off but never tapping out!


God Bless America



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  1. When you get to the end of your career and you look in the mirror and realize that you’ve been a total failure, you know in your heart of hearts you have to blame it on someone, anyone. So you try to drag others down to your level rather than accept the fact that you’ve failed…and thus describes Bobo Obama…the world’s second most favorite clown.

  2. I don’t know what the correct phobia is, and I am not looking it up; but, you know people have a fear of clowns, they scare the hell out of them. Obama is such a clown, he scares the hell out of people……with the exception of our enemies and foreign leaders; they truely do think he is hilarious!

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