Meghan McCain: Trump needs to respect lifelong Republicans

Why? Lifelong Republicans did all they could to take Trump out of the race.Trump should have been afforded the same chances every candidate had including her father! young lady respect is earned! every natural born citizen has the right to try to win the presidency. plain and simple but the GOP establishment tried to rob Trump of that right!



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  1. I don’t respect the lifers; why would Trump. The life long Republican establishment pushed Trump to pledge if he lost the nomination, as they were sure he would, that he would not run on a 3rd party ticket. Now you have many of those same jack asses contemplating just that. Their pouting and can’t stand that Trump beat them on THEIR REPUBLICAN TICKET. How dare him……it was meant for Jeb and he was entitled, his family are elite party leaders. They really believe, presidential nominees are to be decided by them and not the American people. Trump is truely the voice of the people. The establishment Republicans and Dems could care less about the American people. Trump just won more primary votes than any Republican in history, and these Party bosses are ignoring that, ignoring why Trump has the peoples support.

  2. Ok, bad typo,………..that should have read “They’re pouting” not “Their”.

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