A message for David Ross Meyers

If you don’t back Trump then you are part of the problem you sit back as the GOP establishment shreds the promise of the American dream and try to shame those who would back Trump. For those unfamiliar with the message   sent to fellow republicans was basically “if you back trump you will never be trusted again.” Now I know he is not talking about us little people couldn’t be right? Well it really doesn’t matter because if   is a true republican he will do everything he can to stop Hillary and anything less is a show of political treason! You don’t have to like Trump but driving votes away from him means you are not one of us and “one of us” means people that are tired of looking for work, people tired of Obama and Hillary Clinton, People that want our country back and if need be taken by force from the liberals and their agenda to destroy the greatest nation this world has ever known. So Mr. Meyers perhaps revisit your patriotic priorities or maybe go help Hillary Afterall it is likely you who will never be trusted again! Sincerely, T. G.B an open supporter of Donald Trump!



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  1. See, when people like you say things like “everything he can to stop Hillary and anything less is a show of political treason!” it’s just a display of your ignorance. Trump is FURTHER LEFT than Hillary. Just because he has an “R” behind his name does not make him a republican and certainly not a conservative. He just also happens to be mentally unstable, illiterate, and a xenophobe, just to name a few of his flaws. You can put an R behind his name or “Son of Jesus” behind his name – that doesn’t make it true. This will be the first election I’ve missed since I was old enough to vote in 1984. I can’t be a part of electing either of these dirtbags. I’m just shocked that an election season that started with such promise ended with two pieces of human garbage to choose from.

    • Well jeff you are welcome to your opinion i would say your assessment of Hillary is correct but I would argue that Trump may just end up shocking you and you may end up a believer

  2. David Ross Meyers, do you believe Hillary is running for altruistic reasons? No, she is running for Hillary.
    Do you believe our founding fathers would prefer Hillary?
    You, David Ross Meyers, would prefer Hillary or even Obama in the interest of decorum.
    Stop hiding behind your bergina and allow comments on your liberal post.

    • Paul,Paul,Paul I have allowed nothing to happen what has gone on was far from my control but thank you for thinking I have that kind of power, alas I am but one voice

  3. David Ross Meyers would appear to getting a sling from the deadocrats.
    Billiary can be trusted?? A known liar, an elected official who allows our diplomatic staffer be assassinated and a disbarred lawyer.

    Geee what is wrong with her picture????

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