Hillary will not release transcripts of paid speechesillary Secrets




For a woman who wants to be president she sure has a lot to hide If in those speeches she said nothing wrong why is she refusing to let us see what she said for all that money?


What is Hillary hiding? How does anybody even consider voting for a woman trying so hard to keep us from knowing the Real Hillary?

Honestly I believe her speeches were likely about how the elite can get rich while the working classes struggle to make ends meet. Look at the sick amount of money tied to the Clintons. She does not want you and I to know about her collusion with the big banks where they profit and we lose every time. She is not running as a president by and for the people, she is openly saying she will shut down coal and every job that keeps food on the table for people in that part of the country!



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  1. C’mon Basharr! You know what she’s hiding, right? She told Wall Street exactly what THEY wanted to hear so she could get their money. And she is telling the rest of the world exactly what she thinks THEY want to hear so they can get their votes. And if she releases the transcripts of those speeches, she risks the rest of the country actually KNOWING she’s a fraud!

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