Erick Erickson: I will not vote for Clinton or her donor, Donald Trump

Erik Erikson is a full blown ASS! This is the same guy who spent untold time trying to topple Trump. He is all that is bad about the establishment but the beauty is Trump won  and mr. ego Erikson was unsuccessful in toppling Trump . I hope it leaves a bad taste in his mouth and I also hope he now knows the limits of his powers. He would be doing us a favor by voting in another party what he tried to do was disgusting and it gave us a look at what establishment politics has become for the GOP Honestly his actions looked like something straight out of the liberals play book. No patriotic American seeks to take the vote away from the American people. The manboy is pissed off that trump  won and Indiana was a bust for Cruz. The reality is likely Erikson overplayed his hand, pissed people off and many voted for trump out of spite because the manboy tried to rig the game against Trump and honestly if he didn’t know it then he damn sure knows now we don’t like it when people believe they have the right to rob from us the candidate we have chosen. We are happy he won’t vote for Trump as his lone vote is probably bad luck.And I will add a little side note about Eriksons Character when he came under fire for trying to rig the game against Trump he suddenly exited stage left and claimed to have a life threatening illness. strange how this illness came at the very moment his misdeeds were being debated all across the web Well lets hope he keeps a low profile, he has worn out his welcome in this race.!


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