US Navy SEAL killed by ISIS during intense Iraq firefightallen Heroe

If our leadership were not so afraid to engage ISIS we might not be reading about the tragic loss of a Navy Seal.We have a problem and it is not going away if we don’t take ISIS seriously and play the numbers game and out-man them This is a war that Obama is trying to escape from but he does not understand ISIS is not going away and up until now his strategy has been what appears to be an avoidance priority it kind of looks like, well what it is a President that is not geared for conflict management.Sadly the only advice he has gotten has obviously been bad  or non existent but Obama’s problem is he is trying to avoid having to be presidential and do what is needed to deal with ISIS no matter how extreme the action ISIS must be eliminated! my heart and prayers go out to the family of this American hero it is horrible that our leadership has done such a poor job where ISIS is concerned.

God Bless America and god bless this mans family for the hardship they are about to endure.


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