Today I am a proud daddy

My youngest daughter has three autistic children, her oldest who will be 5 soon has been pinching other children. It seemed to come out of left field, we could not figure out why Ben was pinching other kids and his pinches were leaving bruises. Well because he is special needs My daughter and her husband have to put him in his seat and buckle him in. well my grandson had a sippy cup with milk in it and a mouth full of doughnut and low and behold the bus driver made the mistake of pinching my grandsons cheeks until he spit out the doughnut and then she slapped the sippy cup out of his hand and grabbed his upper arm and pinched him leaving a mark and yelled in his face for having food on the bus.Well My daughter is quite the liberal but she had no problem getting in the woman’s face and she said, and I quote “Bitch I got your number and if you ever lay another hand on my son again I will see to it you know what I am all about!” Look I may not agree with her life choices or her liberal beliefs but I raised her to know you don’t let anybody mistreat your kids. She informed the school, the school board and made it clear if it happened again she would sue the school district.My daughter and I don’t see eye to eye very often due to certain life choices but today I am one proud Father for the life of me I cannot figure out why some people like this bus driver feel they have a right to put hands on other peoples children? My youngest daughter has always been the family brawler so I am proud she did not harm the woman and doubly proud she stuck up for her boy.


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