Obama says Donald Trump is not qualified to be president

Guess what? Obama was never qualified to be president,he lacked the ability to understand you have to be willing to be a leader of the entire nation not just the members of the democrat party. He could not get past the fact that nowhere in his job description did it say spend this nation into the ground, peel away as many rights as you can and don’t forget to disarm the people and leave them helpless to protect themselves! This nation will live on but it will be no thanks to Obama, never in my life have I seen someone so immature become president, the man thinks life as president is about shout-outs and cover-ups, scandals and lies burying the truth to cover your friends asses even when they have blood on their hands. Obama can say what he likes about Trump but his words do not make up for the unwillingness to lead this country into better days or at least try to better our circumstances.ISIS is still a threat and no matter how hard he tries to make us believe Islam is a nation of peace the reality is we were left to fend on our own as Obama’s full rage amounted some pinprick attacks in the middle east. for gods sake the man sat back and watched as Ferguson burned and did it again as Baltimore was set aflame He never once came down on the right side of an issue be it Michael Brown or Trayvon he never saw anything but what he wanted to see and for Obama most of what he saw was an opportunity to make a difference that was lost on him due to his prejudging an issue. He has no idea what Trump is fit to do and he is clueless himself  on what makes a true leader.

Signing off, but never tapping out! God bless America!



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  1. Yeah, that one is the pot calling the kettle…er…um….well, you know.

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