DNC chairwoman: If up to me, I’d exclude independents from Dem primaries

Hey if they want to exclude voters on the left then go for it but it surely doesn’t seem like a strategy designed to win an election. It seems more like a sure fire way to disenfranchise voters. Are voters going to want to vote for a candidate or party that wants to exclude them from the primaries? Look I am just a normal guy and I cannot see a benefit in keeping independents out of the primaries.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    That’s the way it is. I am a registered Conservative and did not get any notice to vote in the primaries. I asked my wife if she voted and almost fell on the floor at her response. She left the Democrat Party and is an independent. She also did not get any notice to vote. My wife said that she is fed up with the Democrats, and.., yes, she said that she will be voting for Trump. I should have played the Lottery! What were the odds?!

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