Bill being drafted to make SSI recipients unable to own a firearm

The headline is true Seniors are going to be singled out and quite possibly will lose the right to own a firearm. The SSI Administration  says this is something they feel they must do. God forbid Hillary make it to the white house I am losing faith that we can take this country back from zealots who are so intent on burying America in an early grave.


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Those on SSI, who own firearms, should be making noise and, make it known that they will, support and vote for Trump, if this rubbish is what the current administration is plotting. Years ago, there was an effort to revoke driving privileges of persons over the age of 65. That gem, was soundly rejected and, a number of supporting motor vehicle agencies, had their upper management replaced, due to angered voters making enough noise. There was a fist in their glove.

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