Proposed ‘John Wayne Day’ rejected in California

John Wayne was a patriot through and through He made anti communism films held great respect for the military and never once said anything bad about the country he loved. Though he did have some thoughts about liberals and some thoughts about what makes a good person In my book there is not a member of the Hollywood elite that compares to John Wayne I guess because he spoke honestly about his feelings which in California can be a crime. Look my hat is off to Mr. Wayne and I say screw the PC crowd in Ca because  who the hell wants a bunch of liberal scum tarnishing an image of a great American who won the presidential medal of freedom and for that I offer the California legislature My big fat middle finger! He is and will always be remembered as a great AMERICAN which not many passing laws in California can say about themselves.We don’t need a special day to honor a legend!



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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    If Trump becomes president, why not start a White House petition, to have John Wayne Day, a national holiday? Maybe John Wayne and Ronald Reagan, together, a national holiday.

  2. Yeah buddy I am all in on that idea!

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