Playing house or in denial?

Ted Cruz’s Campaign is running on fumes and he has chosen a running mate, He tapped Carly Fiorina to be his VP when he is not even close to attaining the nomination I guess he figures he has donors money he might as well spend it right? I don’t know but Cruz to me seems kind of like a man unwilling to face reality. Look I have nothing against Carly and in actuality I thought she would get tapped to be a VP the problem here is Carly did not wow folks and that’s what does not make sense here , at this point Cruz should have been seeking somebody that could truly breathe some fire into an almost lifeless campaign and instead he taps a woman who had already bowed out. Remember when McCain tapped Palin? It stirred things up, of course it did not bring the presidency back within reach for McCain but it made people look and some saw an old man that maybe still had a trick or two. Of course the trick failed but with Cruz here this is a real head scratcher. it seems like an act of desperation or is it denial and Ted is just avoiding reality? To be honest here what turned me off to Cruz was his always tear down somebody persona, I listened to Rush the other day and hear a sound bite of 13 lies by Trump that were mostly debunked and ted was still spouting them. Rush played the 13 lies and Ted failed the truth  on a number of them. I know, I know politicians say many things that are untrue but to keep repeating a lie when you know better eats at me and reminds me of Obama. Look I am not saying Trump is an angel but he is the one riding the lightning and doing so while Cruz does everything he can to damage the front runner. Hey I get it, its politics but perhaps Cruz should be more focused on unity and helping the front runner to remain with that title?as Cruz  is pretty much out except for these acts of denial and an unwillingness to embrace reality.

Signing off but never tapping out, God Bless America!


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Roadkill (Cruz) is a schemer. A liar. A whore monger. He’s not an American. It would only be more of BHO. Too many people stumping for Roadkill, are paid to do so. America has had enough of that type of snake.

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