Ingraham: This is a great moment, we should savor it



Laura Ingraham is right this is a moment we should be savoring. and the reality we should be seeing is the GOP uniting behind Trump But the establishment apparently is not done trying to screw this election up. The folks over at the National Review are as well resisting the reality of what we are seeing unfold which is a full blown Rebellion! People are angry and by God they should be, the GOP dropped the ball in the last election  by placing Romney at the podium and it only took  less than 20 minutes to announce Obama the winner Romney brought one good fight and the rest of the contest was softball, he looked weak and unwilling to bury Obama which with Obama’s record would have been a cake walk! Here we are now in the midst of a campaign run by Team Trump that is barreling down the tracks like a freight train with no indication it is going to stop! I did notice something though. After Erik Erikson spoke up about the voters not choosing the candidate but rather the establishment did, people got angry, truly angry and suddenly Erikson had a medical problem that was life threatening and he quickly exited the debate going on regarding his comments. Mr. Erickson is exactly the reason people have become disenchanted with the GOP establishment. And the same sort of thing is taking place over on the Democrats side, look Hillary has been unable to lock down her campaign and seal the deal because people have kicked her to the curb and given rise to Sanders. Cruz remains in the race now out of spite he should be pledging support to Trump and doing what he can to make a trump presidency a reality! For some folks I know voting for Trump is a hard pill to swallow but we need to wrest control of our country away from Obama and assure Hillary  never plants her butt anywhere in the oval office again! We simply cannot afford another four years or possibly eight years of scandal ridden politics in our white house!

The time approaches where we will be called upon to cast the very votes that may become the savior of our great nation!


Signing off but never tapping out! GOD BLESS AMERICA!


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