“Animal rights activists believe all animals, including your dog or cat, should have the same rights as people and be free; therefore they shouldn’t be in human care under any circumstances.”

I believe that if any animal rights activist made an attempt to take my dogs from me it would be nothing short of a war! They are called domesticated animals for a reason.I have trapped animals for the sake of the animal because there is nothing worse than watching dogs who are lost or abandoned starving to death. We have domesticated these animals and thus we need to take care of them. However I think it is more important to address irresponsible pet owners, or malicious pet owners. I once took a dog by force from a man who had burned the dog so its nerves would recede so he could fight it against other dogs. But the notion all dogs and animals should have no human interaction is ridiculous Are we dimply supposed to turn a blind eye and allow animals we have loved to turn feral?!


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