Fox’s Judge Napolitano Claims FBI has ‘Overwhelming’ Evidence to Indict and Convict Clinton

If this news is correct our president finds his presidency at a defining moment, what he chooses to do next will etch his presidential legacy once and for all How he will be remembered is entirely up to him. He has been made to look like a fool for trusting Hillary Clinton with the job of Secretary of state which turned into one big scandal with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi. There was an attempt to alter the facts as to what happened rather than to be honest with the American people. Then we find out she went against federal protocols and set up her own private email server with which  she received and sent classified email that at some level was too sensitive for her to even view let alone forward.Yet for over a year she denied she had received any classified emails on her private server. We know now she lied about that and her lies alone are punishable because she lied under oath. So what does Obama do with Hillary she painted a huge red “S” for Scandal on his presidency and  here we are now reading about numerous felonies and the possibility Obama will pardon her for political reasons thus placing Hillary Clinton above the law. What message does that send to every law abiding citizen in this country? This president should know that we the people deserve to see justice done, we want to see justice done and there is no excuse that Hillary should not face the full weight of her actions. As I said Obama has reached a point that will define his presidency what he does now will have great implications as to his moral character and his supposed belief that nobody is above the law.We all get a fair shake right? Under this president I no longer believe justice is served by this administration. I would love for this president to prove me wrong in fact I am outright daring him to prove me wrong. I am sending a copy of this post to the White house in hopes President Obama reads it by accident. The party is coming to an end so at least we have a chance to fit a new president into the oval office, hopefully one who is not so blatant about his disregard of the constitution and the continual attacks against our rights.


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  1. Well, I think Obama’s legacy has pretty well been sealed at this point as the worst president in US history. While I would agree with the Judge that the FBI probably has overwhelming evidence to at least indict, I sincerely doubt that Obama has the balls to pull the trigger and do the right thing regardless of politics. His entire program hinges on Hillary getting elected president (which means watch out for voter fraud this fall!!!). There has already been the rumblings that “similar cases like this were not prosecuted” in DC, and that will be the basis for Loretta Lynch to deny indicting Hillary or sending her to a Grand Jury. The bastardization of government has gone full-circle since Richard Nixon!

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