Plot Exposed to bring ISIS To U.S. Through Mexico


This is why we need secured Borders! The ability to simply stroll into America needs to be shut down We have too many politicians that simply don’t get it Obama for one refuses to secure our borders while at the same times seeks to take away our ability to defend ourselves. Fresh on Obama’s heels is Hillary Clinton her goal to strip us of the Second amendment. Look I know I am like a broken record when it comes to the second amendment but it is important. Obama has a plan now to deny anybody on social Security the right to own a gun. What the hell is wrong with the wiring in Obama’s head? does he not get it? It is not his job to strip from us our freedoms.And if you look at statistics a large number of people who have had to use a gun to protect family are elderly people.Oh and let us not forget Hillary Clinton now putting Chelsea on the task of attacking gun ownership, isn’t it somewhat hypocritical that Obama and the Clintons have round the clock protection for the rest of their lives which includes a high level of firepower yet they are so smug to believe you and I should not have the right to protect ourselves. I wonder how their anti gun views would change if we removed the Secret service from the current scenario? Food for thought baby! We all face the same threats in today’s world.



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  1. Probably a lot already here! Through that very elaborate tunnel, that has electricity and a elevator and comes up into a home right here in the Good Old USA!!!

  2. Yeah nancy those tunnels are often fancier than my own home.

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