LONDON (AP) — London Mayor Boris Johnson, a leader of the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union, was facing strong criticism Friday for suggesting U.S. President Barack Obama may have an “ancestral dislike of the British Empire” because of his Kenyan roots.

On a visit to the U.K., Obama weighed in to Britain’s debate about European Union membership, urging voters to back staying in the 28-nation bloc. The president wrote in the Daily Telegraph newspaper that the EU “enhances Britain’s global leadership.”

His intervention angered campaigners for a “leave” vote in the June 23 referendum, who accused the president of meddling.

Johnson said Obama’s advice was “paradoxical, inconsistent, incoherent” because Americans “would never contemplate anything like the EU for themselves.”

(Excerpt)

Source: Anger as London mayor tells ‘part-Kenyan’ Obama to butt out


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Honestly this made me laugh part of Obama’s problem is he still thinks  people will flock to hear him speak. There are likely two things in play here one People are tired of him and his inability to do much of anything. Secondly he is butting his fat nose in to politics of another nation without being invited speak his piece.Of course he has never had any formal training in manners.


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