Chelsea says you and I should not have the right to defend our families

Well maybe she did not say that in so many words but she is right her mom wants to strip us of the right to own a gun You know why we have the right to own a gun? Because our founding fathers wanted us to be able to keep our government in check. They knew some day an Obama or a Hillary would show up and start stripping we the people of our rights. We cannot afford to elect  woman like afford to elect a woman like Hillary because she is lawless and cannot be trusted Between Hillary and Obama we are truly under threat of losing the right to protect our families and our homes yet the Clinton’s will never lose that right because of their status. But believe me they are fine attempting to take from us that protection that may save a life within our families.

Signing off but never tapping out God bless America!



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  1. Maybe that’s because Chelsea has never had to worry about defending her family! She’s got body guards the size of Trump Tower surrounding her all the time. I guess I’d feel the same way too if I was that sheltered, huh?

  2. Chelsea is a spoiled rotten brat who has always had bodyguards to protect her. Without the bodyguards she would have a whole new view of the world!

  3. Yeah the sheltered may not understand the real world.

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