Oreilly: No way the GOP cannot make trump the nominee without losing the party

Note to establishment no more games and backroom deals Trump is the man and we want our voices heard. I know you don’t w ant Trump but sometimes you have to eat crap Get the hell over it and start showing real support for Trump He can beat Hillary and she is completely wounded.Obama can pardon her and immediately people know it is to cover her criminal activities which makes it look like Obama has placed her above the law. True Americans will not vote for her after so many lies and as well demonizing the parents of the Benghazi victims calling them liars. Her unwillingness to be honest is disgusting and in the white house she would be another Obama,going after our rights and spending us deeper and deeper into debt.all the while dividing the country. America has had enough of “Not for the people” politics and more than enough of inept and unwilling leadership. maybe if Ted can eat a little crow he can get Biden’s old gig?



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    • I cannot get direct TV or Dish because I live next to the county fair grounds and with the number of very tall trees nethier company can provide me with stable signal. Dish took my money and failed we hadd to go to BBB and direct tv was honest enough to tell us they could not do it because of trees.

  1. I agree with O’Reilly on this one. And somehow I don’t think the GOP is that stupid to actually deny him the nomination. They’ll come around. In fact the rumors I’m hearing are they already are starting to come around after New York. If Trump sweeps the states this next Tuesday, they’ll be back courting him! Ted as VP? Nah…I don’t see that one. There’s too much ego involved for him to drop to the number two slot.

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