Changes,Things I can live cheaper withoutnough is enough

Tired of paying top dollar for sub par Cable service After seasons of Football often with no sound The wife and I decided no more reward for screwing us over every month.We canceled our cable service bought a playstation Now, set up netflix and for so much less a month can watch what we want when we want.I still have internet so news and politics are always available. Sometimes we just have to stop rewarding companies who have no care for the product they are offering.


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  1. I thought I had the system beat in November. My DirecTV contract expired so I renegotiated a new one. 250 channels…hand-picked (no premiums) for $50 including all charges, guaranteed for one year, AND NFL Ticket thrown in. That lasted until they raised their rates in February and raised mine as well. I call that breach of contract. I’m done with DirecTV in November (I will uphold MY end of the bargain!), but I’m done with that crap. See what happens when a horse-shit company like AT&T takes over?

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