In America any Natural born Citizen can become PresidentSo why should the rules change simply because a bunch of hypocritical leaches don’t want Trump in the white house?

This is America and in America no self appointed elitists  should be calling the shots on who is or is not the nominee These hypocritical pigs are destroying a part of this nation and they honestly don’t give a crap how we feel about it. They count on us for votes yet stab at our hearts with their blades of contempt all the while wallowing like pigs and we must take a count of true patriots and their cast votes because the establishment is afraid that the man in the lead is going to bring about change, real change they will not be able to control.  in their guilt and lies they have done harm to America that can never be undone until every single one of them has been driven from office We can no longer support an establishment that has destroyed the promise that any natural born citizen can in fact become president. This is not their country this is our country and we will damn well take it back from those that fancy themselves elitists when in reality the They have shattered part of the American dream as they seek to become tyrants.


Is it revolution that they seek?


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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Trump will expose the current clowns running the government. That is what they fear. Trump might not grant anyone, clemency. That would mean, a lot of people going to federal prison.

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