Watched about 30 minutes of Sanders on the stump

Last night while I was pondering on what to write about today I happened across Bernie Sanders in the middle of an event I was going to change the channel when I heard the word abortion. Well you folks that follow me know that’s  something I cannot pass on because to me it is an affront to humanity Bernie is 100% in favor of abortion and condemned Republicans for daring to tell a woman  what she can and cannot do with her body.Now normally I could give a rats ass what a woman does with her body because it is her body Don’t get me wrong I love women and if you spoke to my wife she would tell you all I am too damn friendly. I was raised by good people who loved me unconditionally. So I say to you now a woman has rights to do with her body as she sees fit unless that body is with child! Now I am not going to go off the rails here on my views on abortion Hell most of you already know my views about that subject. =) So Bernie goes on to tout the fact that he and his wife have four children none of them by the way were aborted =) He holds the same stand on abortion as Hillary Clinton so we have two liberals/socialists running for president and neither one of them believe the unborn have a right to life. Now I believe that a president should care about life, all life and simply because a fetus has no voice it is still alive and growing and should have the same chances as you or I did when it comes to life.So I continue to watch Sanders and the next thing he starts on is SSI okay so he is attacking Clinton because she is against removing the cap on SSI and his plan is when people pay their taxes more of that money goes in to the SSI fund. which is just a parlor trick because that money still gets spent it just mean a broke nation just becomes more broke. Bernie has all these plans like what I will call Bernie care(ObamaCare with a Vermont accent) As I watched this man and the hundred or so people cheering him on, I had a vision of myself in an all to small home with zero income and a food box once a month that I would have to fight for. No Bernie knows nothing about the American dream. In fact Bernie sanders offers us the American nightmare. So just to be sure we are all on the same page Socialism is not what has kept America great And Hillary who supports abortion, and Bernie who supports abortion are both liberals and both have very close to the same political views for America It is scary to see Bernie, or Hillary on the stump because the things they say are not part of the American dream Hillary dreams of power  and spending trillions and Bernie dreams of a nation of paupers Either way we end up in the same place , if lucky we barely scrape by and remember the Abortion thing, hell we may not be able to feed our children.No jokes here both of these candidates are bad news to the American way of life.

Signing off but Never tapping out!

God Bless America!


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