First it was the lies, Now it is the transcripts

So for over a year Hillary Clinton  claimed she had done nothing wrong when we found out she had violated protocols and instead of following the rules she set up her own private email server to do her business as sec of state.The problem is one, private email server  was not actually private nor secure from what we know about see the government provides all kinds of gadgets and such when you have a job like she did and they are all secure meaning hard if not impossible to hack.But she chose the route of exposure security be damned and then on top of that lied about the content she was snooping around and looking at. Content that was above her security clearance. She did not want us to know what she was doing but as usual Hillary got caught. Now there is something new Hillary Clinton is trying to keep you ,me and the rest of the nation from finding out and that information is contained in the transcripts of the high dollar speeches she gave to Goldman Sachs She. is refusing to release those transcripts. I would wager a large sum of money, if I had any money =) that she is doing all she can to keep that content from reaching the public’s eyes because those speeches likely differ greatly from the person she claims to be today. She is a pathological liar and I am sure that if and when those transcripts are leaked we will find an extremely wealthy woman set on greed You know she has been against the raising of the minimum wage to 15 dollars per hour, but yesterday she stated she was for it all along. so another lie rolls off of her lips and if people are not paying attention they don’t catch the frequency with which these lies happen. Put two and two together, she gave the speeches was paid quite a lot of money for those speeches and all we want to know is why won’t she allow us to see what she said? It seems like a small request from us voters considering she wants to be president of our great nation. yet something is in those transcripts that she is fighting tooth and nail to keep you and I and the rest of the nation in the dark about. What is it Hillary? What are you hiding from the American people? We the people want to know what you said to those big wig bankers that you don’t want us to know? Release the transcripts without redaction.


Well if nothing else we are already getting a glimpse at the type of leadership she would provide nothing but secrets and lies  and scandal. Well Maybe Obama will not Pardon her and she will have to be indicted. That would sure save us a lot of grief.


Signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America!


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