War monument smashed into pieces at Fla. park

gainesville memorial 413

(Fox 35)

Veterans in Florida say they’re disgusted that someone apparently stormed a war memorial in Gainesville and smashed some of it to pieces over the weekend.

“It’s sickening. Nobody should want to do something like that,” Korean War veteran Eddie Thomas told Fox 35. “Why destroy something for somebody that gave their lives?”

The monument, part of a memorial known as “Walk Through Time,” honors U.S. service members who died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan after September 11th.

The damage likely took place early Sunday morning, investigators tell The Gainesville Sun. Jim Lynch, a member of the Alachua County Veterans Memorial Committee, told the newspaper it’s tough to see how this could have been an accident.

Korean War Veteran Terry Fitzpatrick said he felt “instant anger.”

Officials say it’ll cost them more than $2,000 to fix the monument in Veterans Memorial Park — although they’d already planned a broader renovation.

Fitzpatrick said he had a message for the attacker or attackers: “You’re cowards. You definitely do not understand the history of this country.”

Investigators say they’re looking into it, but they don’t believe security footage caught it.


Though I never served I have an extreme amount of respect for those that have and when I read about acts of extreme idiocy like this it really pisses me off.There is little we can do to repay those who have given their life over for the betterment of America and for helping secure our nations standing in the world. The damage done to this monument is disrespectful and completely  unAmerican I truly hope the people responsible for this are caught and shown to for the idiots they truly are.

Signing off but never tapping out! God bless America!



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