Hillary Clinton spent time today at a Gun Control Event

I guess what is most important about the title of this post is Hillary is not at this gun control event protecting our rights. They are plotting and trying to find a way to shred the second amendment. You see to these people our rights don’t matter as much as their desire to see you and I are no longer allowed to protect our homes, families and our lives. Never forget Hillary made no attempt in Benghazi to send troops to help our Americans who were under fire and ended up being murdered. If Hillary is elected we will no longer be able to protect ourselves if she gets the right people placed on the Supreme Court We cannot allow people to control our government who would willingly take away our rights yet continue to exercise the very rights they wish to deny you and I. it is the presidents job to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and nowhere in the presidents job description does it dictate the president should ever consider even taking away any of the rights granted to us by our founding fathers. Remember a vote for Hillary could mean  you have to begin a fight to keep every single one of your rights intact. When we the people elect a person who openly states they want to remove certain rights that are OURS! it is time  to shut down the possibility of that person ever making it to the white house. Hillary’s chances to achieve the white house needs to be ended because she is not for the people she is for Hillary and her twisted view of what America should be. We should always have the right to protect our homes, Families, and Lives Sadly those are things Hillary does not want us to have the right or the means to do.She failed to protect Americans in Benghazi and as President she would not allow you to protect your American family.We the people need a leader we can trust and Hillary does not fit the bill!


Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America


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