The people’s voice will be heard Loud and Clear!

The GOP establishment wanted a loyalty pledge from Donald Trump stating he would support the eventual nominee even if it was not Donald Trump. Trump agreed and the establish pulled out their knives and began stabbing Donald Trump in the back. At every turn they were doing all they could to destroy his campaign They even brought back Mitt Romney to attack Trump and damage his campaign. We the people have a voice and the current GOP establishment is doing all it can to silence our voice.. Who are these people to believe that it is their job to rob from us our choice for president? Have they forgotten who they answer to? I have a distinct feeling that there are going to be some vacancies among the ranks of the establishment when this election cycle comes to an end and there will be anger driving the change that will take place. Look people are angry now after being stuck with Obama for eight years. We are tired of feeling we have no voice because our president refuses to do the right thing, he refuses to protect us and he is more concerned with seeing another liberal takes the white house. He is trying to put Hillary in the oval office. Yes that’s right the woman under an FBI investigation, likely facing indictment Obama wants to see running this nation. So we republicans have a right to be pissed off but a lot of the problem is the leaders of our party are taking from us our right to choose who we want in the white house. This act by the establishment is almost treason and mark my words If we don’t have control of the white house by the end of this election cycle I will begin a campaign of my own attacking every member of the establishment and pointing out their every flaw and their misdeeds against we the people.They have crossed a line and they need to be held accountable And I will encourage all my blogging friends to do the same. These elitists work for us, they are supposed to serve us and it is high time they are brought back down to earth and sent packing.

Signing off, but never tapping out, We will take our voice back and our country along with it. God Bless America!


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