The insanity of Open Borders

I keep reading about these groups pushing for open borders for America. and honestly I have to ask what the hell is wrong with people who believe open borders is what America needs? My feeling is this if you want open borders you go home and take the locks off of your doors and windows and see how secure that makes you feel? An open border is an invitation, a welcome mat for all sorts of people seeking to do America and Americans harm. It is insanity to believe even for a second that open borders will fix anything. Think about the nefarious activities that go on at our borders especially our southern border with Mexico, Drugs Guns, Human Trafficking, murder, gangs and the list goes on and yet there are groups that believe our borders should not exist at all. A nation without borders is not a nation and a nation that does not control its borders soon finds itself overrun with people with a different agenda that do not have Americas best interest at heart. This nation would soon be in ruin. You see Open borders basically means free immigration and if a person is from a country that does not support an economic safety net a person just moves to a country that does  and begins to feed off of their economy it works great for the freeloader and not so well for the Citizens of the host country. The only solution for America must be secured borders and nothing else is acceptable.


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