Mark Zuckerberg calls for ‘understanding, empathy and love’ to defeat terrorism in the wake of bombings across the globe

Is this it? All this time we have been fighting terror all we needed was a “Kumbaya,” moment and our troubles would begin to ease? Look there is nothing wrong with peace, love and understanding but with what we have seen of Islamic terror groups in this world I don’t think Kumbaya is going to bring an end to this blood lust we see in ISIS, and you have to understand ISIS is one group of many that are out there trading in death on a daily basis. I am not going to Roast Zuckerberg on this because he believes in something  that is a dream. The only thing these terror groups understand is killing and then killing more. I will be honest and tell you folks the only way I know to put an end to ISIS is to send more troops  than they can possibly contend with and take no prisoners. in other words wipe them out, show no mercy. Of course that sounds bad but brutality and overload are the best options I know of  and even that presents problems as well.

Sadly a president and his political party have allowed this problem to fester and now it has become an infection Obama is not a war time president and as I wrote yesterday we voters need to stop electing people who are unwilling to protect us. Obama has don little to nothing and what he does do  is this pin-prick BS instead of truly confronting and taking on the problem  I am beginning to believe that for someone to be elected President  they should have spent some time in the military but that’s not how the system was designed

Signing off but never tapping out!

God Bless America!


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