Officials Say Brussels Terror Cell Is Too Large To Wipe Out

So we are all in agreement Obama was out of his league calling ISIS the JV squad doesn’t this information simply confirm what we sane people have known.

1.Nothing and nobody is too large to take out.

2.Stop electing people that are unwilling to protect America.

3.Put everybody on notice”we are done playing the political correct lunacy.”

4.we can no longer afford to be the nice guy.

5.Call it like it is ! and most of all Understand we must sever the head from the snake!

Our president has lead us to where we are now perhaps The joint chiefs start calling the   plays from now on At least they won’t be bowing to everybody they meet.


Frustration at this point is an understatement!

Signing off but never tapping out God bless America


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  1. Can I get an AMEN! from the choir???

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