Cokie Roberts: Doesn’t FBI Have Better Things To Do Than Investigate Hillary?

Well Cokie I am glad you asked you see, the reality is yes they have other things to do and had Hillary Clinton been honest we would be far past an investigation by now. I guess Cokie is another of those liberals that believes there is a set of laws for her and a different set for everybody else? By now it is quite obvious Hillary is in trouble and I am sure Cokie would be quite happy if Hillary Clinton got to walk on any and all charges. right? Well Cokie you may get your wish because the leadership right now in the white house is lawless and probably lacks the testicular fortitude to do the right thing and see that Hillary is indicted. It would be a great legacy action for him to take though, when the whole nation believed he would do nothing about Hillary and he decided to show the world that in the United States of America Nobody is above the law! But you see Cokie Roberts knows the truth and thats why she asked the question. Why investigate and spend all this tax payer money when we already know Obama is not going to bust a grape. Cokie should be upset with her pal for once again exposing how corrupt Hillary and company are.this is a decades old problem with Hillary and People like Cokie allow it to happen over and over again. I wonder how Cokie would feel about Hillary if Cokie’ son was left to die in Benghazi by Hillary? or if some of this top secret information Hillary was snooping in got hacked and led to the deaths of a bunch of her liberal friends complaining about Hillary being investigated?It is people like Cokie Roberts who pave the way for Hillary to continue on her road of lies and corruption. Cokie though allows us one more time to see how complicit most liberals are when it comes to dealing with Hillary. They know she is doing wrong but they allow it because of the second set of rules clause. One for them one for us. Signing off but never tapping out! God Bless America?


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