Georgia’s Religious liberty law shot down

Where is the uproar? are we as a nation going to stand silently in the shadows as our religious freedoms come under fire? where is the outrage? People we people of faith are under attack. The supreme court allowed same sex marriage but nowhere in that ruling was it stated that the green light was given to attack our religious freedoms. Disney is now seeking to harm states economies who were supporting Georgia’s religious liberty law that was vetoed. Have we had enough of the political correctness yet? the liberal mind is not happy unless they are destroying somebodies freedoms.When we as a nation cannot escape the attacks on our right to freedom of religion then we have a serious problem in America. As the SCOTUS appears to move further from the center and closer to the left we have to ask where are we headed where religious liberty is concerned? We should not be coddling any segment of out citizenry  if we all are not being treated to a level playing field where our rights are concerned  Anybody who thinks it is alright for companies like Disney to attack the economies of various states over religious freedom need to revisit the bill of rights and as well take a refresher course on America and what freedom truly means. Walt Disney would be turning over in his grave over this crap Disney should be ashamed that they have resorted to intimidation as a means of coercion  how friggin un american of them, or perhaps this a look at what is to come of the “Land of the FREE”. Signing off folks I have had enough for today


God Bless America, She truly needs it


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