FEDS TO CLINTON: LET’S TALK Prosecutors want Q&A over emails

Federal prosecutors reportedly are expected to try to interview Hillary Clinton and already have started reaching out for interviews with top aides as part of the FBI probe into her personal email use, a sign the investigation is moving into a new and potentially final phase.

The Los Angeles Times reported on the efforts to seek interviews with Clinton and others, while noting this process and the final review could take several more weeks.

That means the investigation is likely to drag out at least through the primary season as the former secretary of state continues to battle it out with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential race. According to the report, a prosecutor has called the lawyers for some of Clinton’s longtime aides, while no dates have yet been set for interviews.



Honestly I hope she is held accountable Though I have to doubt the probability of her being indicted because Obama will likely cut her a get out of jail free card.Though there is a chance now that she and Bill are slamming the cost of Obamacare that the clown prince might take offense and leave her to the justice she truly deserves. I get it, really I do if she wants any chance of winning the election she has to attack the gorilla in the room which in this case is the last eight years starting with Obamacare. Lets hope her feet are held to the fire and she pays a debt that is long overdue.

Signing off but never tapping out

God Bless America!


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