Chelsea Clinton:my mom will fix Obama cares crushing cost.

Apparently Chelsea believes her mom  but the reality is her mom supported Obamacare even though there were plenty of people who knew the impact it would have on the nation’s healthcare system. Believe me folks Hillary Clinton has no idea how to Fix the crushing cost of Obamacare but it sounds good so she says it. and that’s what you get from a Hillary Clinton candidate, canned talking points a pant suit and a lot wonder about honesty. It seems like everyday another scandal breaks and more lies she tries to bat away with a wave of the hand and a disingenuous smile. Look, by now most people understand Hillary Clinton has spent most of her adult lies attempting to sell us a bill of goods she cannot find a way to seal the deal on and I am thankful she has not made it to the presidency. She is a scary person with a skewed view on American politics. What truly bothers me is the fact accepts no accountability for her wrongdoings and she brushes away The woman’s record is a trail of lies and lives she lost in Benghazi and honestly it eats at me that the democrats decided she should be their best chance of obtaining the white house. We need someone in the white house who the American people can believe in not a throwback charlatan who will do and say anything to get the prize they have been seeking for decades. There is a reason she never made it that far and I don’t know if America could survive a presidency of a Hillary Clinton or if we could find enough jurors willing to look the other way. Seriously she could be indicted and probably should be. Lets hope the voters don’buy her bag of lies.


Signing off But never tapping out!

God bless America!




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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Chelsea must be, delusional, nuts, or a liar. Her involvement with the Clinton Foundation may possibly be a concern of the FBI’s file of over 100,000 pages of investigative notes, due to Hillary’s email issues. If so, it will be a very interesting summer. Very, interesting.

    • I believe the girl is as bad as her parents she is an adult, a Clinton insider she knows truths we could only dream of knowing. Things that would put her parents in Prison I have no doubt.

  2. One question has always existed in my addled mind. If Obamacare was such a great idea, why does it need all of this “fixing”?

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