San Francisco mayor bans travel to south Carolina for city workers

San Francisco being one of the most liberal places in the country was quick to call for economic harm to south Carolina Though they may not say it when you impose travel bans your intent is to harm a targets economy. God forbid we don’t bow down, how dare any american make a law that might be misconstrued or better yet purposely misstated?The mayor can surely do as he pleases but to me it seems like normal everyday Americans have nothing to say in this conversation. Seriously when Melissa,s sweet-cakes was under siege It was not the liberals that came to the aid of the business owners, it was everyday Americans that saw a wrong being done because Americans have religious freedom, we do not have to conform and bow to others who choose to lead a lifestyle we do not approve of due to our religious convictions. I don’t wish gays ill will but if you notice there is plenty of ill will sent out towards anybody nonsupporting who voices their true feelings on the issue. I am reminded of how a person could not state that they felt Obama was doing a poor job without being called a racist It is a tool of the left meant to keep us silent Political correctness does not support honest debate but it does do great harm to a nation.


Signing off but never tapping out God Bless America


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