The bill is not called the anti gay bill and as usual people who have not read it are spreading untruths.You see when the SCOTUS allowed gays to marry there was something else taking place The rights of people, ordinary every day citizens were taken away.Of course not all their rights just the rights people had as business owners like the long standing right to refuse service to anybody. A couple owned a business and because they held religious beliefs they did not want to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding Any level headed person would be accepting of this in my opinion, but the would be customer pushed and pushed until this business owner had to shut their business down due to threats hateful attacks and a myriad of un American Bull Crap. Can you believe a liberal judge found the business owners had violated the human rights of the gay couple. I ask you all has not the gay lifestyle walked away from mainstream America and traditional values. Are we who are not gay to have no rights and sacred beliefs? What the SCOTUS did with their decision is deny straight Americans a basic business right no longer can we refuse service even though we have always reserved that right.Sadly people are deciding if the law passes they will do economical harm to the state with this law.

Just some thoughts and wondering how so many people who are Gay believe those that are not gay do not deserve our basic business rights?


Signing Off but never tapping out!

God Bless America!



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    Degenerates taking over, to allow hordes of invaders to destroy the nation so that the degenerate lifestyle can continue and assure conservative thinkers who were responsible for economic growth are held down and mocked to obscurity. That’s what happened to the Roman Empire. Sound familiar?

  2. I may be the only person in my 48 family apartment building in NYC who has never viewed anything on NetFlix. While I had planned on remedying that little tidbit, I have just decided to stand strong. NetFlix will not get my time, my attention or my money.

  3. I have Netflix for free and I still have never watched a movie on their service. I appreciated my Daughter gave me the account but just have not had the drive to use it. Welcome aboard good to see you posting.

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