Castro urges return of Guantanamo land, after meeting with Obama

This fits the Obama agenda perfectly as this will become yet another push to close Guantanamo He will try to mask it as giving back their land and of course this means another attempt to terrorists and combatants in criminal courts here in America. So again Obama paints a bulls eye on America. This effort may fail but it won’t fail if Obama can do anything about it. I would bet he urged that Castro state he wants the land back because Obama sees that as opportunity to close the prison down and do away with the prisoners who are there because they deserve to be. Obama should not have gone to Cuba, he should not have been dancing while people were being killed he has again proven his shallowness and frankly 2016 election day cannot get here quick enough. His stupidity now seems more like an attempt to thumb his nose at the American people. He knows he is not liked by many so why pretend any longer His love affair with the job is over even he no longer pretends to give a damn about We The People.

Signing  off, but never tapping out!

God Bless America


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