Valerie Jarrett: Cuba’s ‘Extraordinary’ Education System ‘Values Every Boy & Girl’

Is it any wonder that Obama has trouble  grasping leadership in America when he and Valerie seem to fawn over regimes run by ruthless dictators. They don’t get it America is free and though he may want to change that reality there is the constitution he would have to do away with and I promise you as angry as Americans are now he would likely find himself in chains if he tried. I wonder would Obama Fancy a  shot at running Cuba? I am just tossing out thoughts here but one should question his fascination with Cuba… what else  to do on a slow day while it is too cold to relax outside.



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  1. Reblogged this on Rifleman III Journal and commented:
    Jarrett = Rat Woman.

  2. Maybe we should send Obama to Gitmo???

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