Shame On you Mr. Obama

While Americans are wounded in a terrorist attack in Brussels you can find the time to hang with oppressors in Cuba and have a great time when your place is here looking after Americans and whatever darkness may be awaiting America. You will notice I address you by Mr. as you have never grasped what it is you are supposed to do as a president. You have divided this country and you have allowed hate to rise instead of working with the entire nation. You chose instead to treat those who did not vote for you like they are meaningless. A president of worth and honor understands his job is the people of this great nation. Instead of taking the helm of this nation, you have chosen to live like a king while you drive us deeper and deeper into debt. You treat this country like you hate it you only weigh in on issues that suit you and in most cases you come down on the wrong side. ISIS is essentially at our doorstep and where are you? You are dining with dictators and trying to work deals with oppressors when you won’t even try to legitimately solve problems you have with congress. You were not elected to attack the constitution, nor  to believe you do not answer to We The People. You have failed us on every level of your presidency. You have lived like a king on our dime and you cannot take the time, or the will to truly take the fight to ISIS.There are things, uncomfortable things that all presidents must do and you have made it abundantly obvious you don’t care. This nation deserves better than you  and in fact In my 53 plus years I have never seen a president so willing to watch this nation fade into oblivion, The trust of a nation was placed upon you and instead of leading you chose to play partisan games and divide America. You have been weighed and measured and you have been found wanting.And these past few days are proof that you stopped acting on behalf of our best interests a long time ago.

Signing off No reply necessary not that it would matter. you have left us a broken nation!



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  1. Obama is dancing the Tango in Argentina

  2. Totally disgusting how he has harmed this nation I am 53 and cannot remember such an unpatriotic president.

  3. Funny you say dancing the tango and my mind sees jack skellington…Good call.

  4. I knew his true colors would show his last year and they aren’t red white and blue….God Bless The USA. 🇺🇸

  5. When Obama doesn’t understand a situation or doesn’t want to do what needs to be done, he compartmentalizes it, and tells himself it isn’t as important as his “mission” (fundamentally changing the political structure of America). Therefore, these other “things” like ISIS get in the way and he avoids dealing with them. There are a lot of foreign policy issues like that, and he’s extremely weak on all of them. You are so correct in your piece! Great job!!!

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