Wading into the fray

The Ted Cruz Campaign made use of some Racy pictures GQ took in a shoot of Trump’s wife. Trump counters he will spill the beans about Cruz’s wife.  This is politics and quite frequently they get ugly. Ted says the pictures did not come from his campaign, but to this point Mr. Cruz has yet to renounce the use of the pictures. Cruz has called Trump a coward for his stating he would spill the beans on Teds wife. My point here is to Ted if you had nothing to do with the use of the pictures, renounce them and fire whoever it was in your campaign that thought it was wise to use the images. Don’t get angry because you did or allowed wrong doing.Maybe you should have thought about your wife first. It does ring strange that Ted has what seems like very little control over his campaign staff as using an image like this surely should have been something that would need approval from the boss. Is this lack of control indicative of what we could expect from a Ted Cruz administration? Cop to it Ted, show the nation you can do the right thing. This was under handed and unbecoming of someone who touts a religious background.

Just my thoughts Folks want to see presidential candidates who do and speak of presidential things.



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  1. The ad with Mrs. Trump had Ted Cruz’s name on it to vote for Ted Cruz

  2. I find it strange that people like Ted Cruz that want to run the country have such short memories. It is good to see you posting. =)

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