Hillary Clinton: America doesn’t panic

Correct America as a nation does not panic but the people of this great nation deserve a response to the ISIS threat because day in and day out we may not be panicking but we are quite aware that we(America) is under threat and our president does not seem to view ISIS as the threat that most sane people understand them to be. Consider our southern border, the one illegals exploit and the same one Obama has stopped deporting illegals from Can you tell me that without a doubt you can tell the difference between a Mexican illegal and a Muslim? The guys in the Brussels video could have been Hispanic without a doubt so do we truly know who it is exploiting our weakest point which is our southern border with Mexico. I am not panicking but what I am doing is pointing out Mr.-Know-it-all-Obama is not treating the ISIS threat with the respect it demands. They can enter this country with ease and we might never know it because Obama has a dangerously lax policy of security at our southern border. In a time of threat one would think our borders would be sealed tight but they are not because the man in the white house sees no threat from  unsecured borders. But what does he care? Obviously not much! but then what Hillary says is another hurry up and wait strategy


Signing off, but never tapping out!

God Bless America!


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