Hey Establishment The Free Ride is Over





I have to say I agree with the judge, we get screwed because why? Does it really matter? The simple fact is as the judge lays it out and she is exactly right. When you can no longer trust the party you elected then this nation is bound for ruin. I believe this country needs Donald Trump because he is saying what needs to be said and he is bringing in votes big time. I want my vote to count, I don’t like the idea that the establishment is doing all it can to destroy Trump and his bid for the white house. Right now we are in a great position to retake the white house, the democrats are running a felon as their candidate. Yes I know, Hillary has not been indicted but that does not make her any less of a criminal. and the simple truth is if we do not beat Hillary this nation is going to undergo drastic change and sadly a loss this coming November may bring huge changes in our rights Because Hillary will bring the politically correct  BS to our daily lives until now America has never been a place where we could not speak freely. But these hard core liberals want to ban words, certain types of speech among changes to our rights and as well, reinforcing the belief that the unborn have no “Right to Life” Our very constitution is under fire and Hillary is all for taking away our right to protect our homes and our families. So much is on the line for our nation in this coming election. Have a great day, I am signing off but never tapping out.

God Bless America!


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